NBG Leasing supports Day Care Centre for at-risk Children and Youth.
At a ceremony held on 11th October 2011 at the Belgrade City Council, the “Place in the Heart” Fund presented financial awards to organizations whose projects had the greatest influence on local communities in 2010. The company NBG Leasing took part in this initiative by donating 200,000 dinars to the second best, Krusevac-based association “Korak Napred” (“A Step Forward”) with its project “Day Care Centre for Children and Youth at-risk”.
“Our aim is to raise awareness of the importance of civic activism, of its contribution to local communities and the society as a whole. Citizens’ volunteer efforts, supported by the business community and local governments, can go a long way towards achieving worthy and noble goals. A successful local government is one that fosters an environment in which citizens can effectively exercise their right to participate in the decision-making process and contribute towards local community development, a cause that we passionately support. The project rewarded by NBG Leasing highlights the importance of integration of all social groups, in particular those at risk, helping them see themselves in a new, better light and recognize their full potential”, said Ms Silvana Trickovic, the CEO of NBG Leasing.
The main objective of the project “A Step Forward” is to organize a Day Care Centre to facilitate the development of primary and secondary prevention systems for the children and youth with behavioral issues. Project activities started with parallel efforts to organize the service, to adapt and furnish premises in the city center, to educate professionals from associate institutions and to consistently implement protection procedures and programs. The activities are methodologically adapted to best suit the needs of beneficiaries through individual and group focus.