March 20th was the opening day of the 52nd International Belgrade Car Show. This year, NBG Leasing is exhibiting with Star Import, the dealer of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Our company has prepared special fair offers for this year’s biggest car show in the region.
NBG Leasing has prepared special conditions to help individuals and companies get their Mercedes vehicle. Our company’s offer has aroused great interest since the very first day. Because of that, NBG Leasing has decided to prolong these special fair conditions until 15th April:

– We have once again carefully prepared our offer based on our assessment of our client’s needs, and have received the confirmation that our assessment was right already on the first day. We are very pleased with this year’s International Car Show and are hoping for even better results until it ends. Besides, we have decided to respond to the rising interest and extend the duration of this offer to fully meet the needs of potential Mercedes-Benz vehicles buyers – pointed out Silvana Trickovic, president of the Executive Board of NBG Leasing regarding the Company’s presentation at International Car Show in Belgrade which will end on March 29.