Reliability, flexibility and efficiency – those are the values of the OTP Leasing for a decade and a half. OTP Leasing is a member of the OTP group which offers high-level financial services for almost 14,5 million clients in 9 Central European countries.

While celebrating 15 years anniversary, OTP Leasing emphasizes that the company maintained continuous profitability even during crisis periods, and therefore maintain the role of a reliable partner for its 2000 clients.

Ten years long cooperation with Mercedes-Benz and other renowned brands like Hyundai and Harley Davidson, speaks about the quality and positive reputation.

Silvana Tričković, Chairman of the Executive Board, stresses that until October 2018 OTP Leasing grew compared to the same period previous year, in terms of all relevant business parameters.

Profit before taxation is 90% higher, total revenues are 33% higher, while total placements are 17% higher than during the same period previous year.

Total portfolio is 16,7% higher than during the same period previous year.