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Use our special offer to buy a new car

NBG Leasing and Star Import Company, the general distributor of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, are pleased to inform you of the joint action “old for new” where you can replace your model of a Mercedes Benz vehicle with a new one under the special financing and purchasing conditions.

We are offering:
-Special prices
-Evaluation Your vehicle in 24 hours
-Favorable financing conditions

If you are interested, please contact NBG Leasing or your nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer for detailed information. This offer is valid until the end of the year.

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Finally, you can afford a Harley with fully comprehensive insurance

You have been dreaming to experience the thrill of riding a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle and have found a motorcycle that will help you fulfill this dream. NBG Leasing helps you conquer the road more quickly and easily.
NBG Leasing in cooperation with Harley-Davidson leases new and used motorcycles with fully comprehensive insurance and tenor of up to 5 years.

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Great interest in NBG Leasing fair offer

March 20th was the opening day of the 52nd International Belgrade Car Show. This year, NBG Leasing is exhibiting with Star Import, the dealer of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Our company has prepared special fair offers for this year’s biggest car show in the region.
NBG Leasing has prepared special conditions to help individuals and companies get their Mercedes vehicle. Our company’s offer has aroused great interest since the very first day. Because of that, NBG Leasing has decided to prolong these special fair conditions until 15th April:

– We have once again carefully prepared our offer based on our assessment of our client’s needs, and have received the confirmation that our assessment was right already on the first day. We are very pleased with this year’s International Car Show and are hoping for even better results until it ends. Besides, we have decided to respond to the rising interest and extend the duration of this offer to fully meet the needs of potential Mercedes-Benz vehicles buyers – pointed out Silvana Trickovic, president of the Executive Board of NBG Leasing regarding the Company’s presentation at International Car Show in Belgrade which will end on March 29.

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Support for Day Care Center for children in New Belgrade

As in the last couple of years, the representatives of NBG Leasing have visited Day Care Center for children in New Belgrade, where they have spent time with kids and presented a food donation to managers of the Center. The most beautiful part of the visit was a moment when little kids decided to give their drawings to the guests, as a sign of gratefulness for the attention.
President of the Managing Board of our company, Silvana Trickovic, has explained the motives behind this action:

– Once again, our Company’s employees have gathered funds to purchase the food packages necessary for day-to-day functioning of the Day Care Center for children in New Belgrade. We believe everyone should help the most endangered members of our society, as much as they can. In this case, we are helping little kids who are in a really difficult situation and trying to make their childhood better and easier. Being humane is not about campaign. It is the part of business culture which can serve as an excellent example of socially-responsible operation – Silvana Trickovic pointed out.

Day Care Center for children in New Belgrade is a home to several dozens of little kids who come there on daily bases to play, study, have a warm meal and get away from the streets. Since the Center “lives” on donations, the representatives of NBG Leasing have urged other companies to become more actively involved in supporting this also other organizations which directly help endangered children.

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NBG Leasing continues with business success

Another successful year is behind NBG Leasing. Our company managed to cover even larger market share in 2014, with the growth in profitability, which is the confirmation of a correct business estimation about which economic sectors hold most perspective during the crisis.
We have profiled as a leader in agricultural equipment field in the last year because of the largest individual growth. Great success was followed by market share of 22%. NBG Leasing managed to grow in the trucks sector as well, and ended 2014 with about 10% market share in Serbia. We are among top five companies with market share of nearly 10% on a very attractive leasing market of new and used vehicles.
NBG Leasing undoubtedly achieved great business results in the last year and we are convinced that we know what lies behind our success. Adaptation to demands of market in crisis as a characteristic of business flexibility is the most significant reason, along with continuous innovation of leasing products and services. Of course, logistics support is also important to our customers, starting with insurance, registration of vehicles, but also maintaining and strengthening connections with reliable and suppliers and manufacturers

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Reconstruction of a flood-damaged kindergarten

Kindergarten “Decja radost” in Svijanac, which was damaged in last year’s floods, has been reconstructed thanks to the companies and individuals who donated to the cause. Reopening of Kindergarten on Wednesday, February 18th 2015 brought joy to as much as 450 children who attended Kindergarten before the floods.
President of our company’s Management Board, Silvana Trickovic, pointed out that it is an obligation of everybody to help the ones who are in need:
– “That is especially the case in hard times and situations. Our little means a lot to them. We are extremely glad that we were able to help children and parents of Svilajnac and that the kindergarten will once again be full of children’s joy.”
Kindergarten “Decja radost” in Svilajnac was greatly damaged during catastrophic flooding which hit our country last year. The whole management of our company was united in the efforts to gather significant donation for the reconstruction of “Decja radost”. NBG Leasing wishes to point out that socially responsible behavior does not depend on whether some disaster will happen or not; it is our way of doing business.

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NBG Leasing bringing joy to the children in Zvecanska

NBG Leasing started this New Year’s holiday season in a best possible way – by giving. The leasing company decided to visit little kids from the Center for the protection of infants, children and youth in Zvecanska Street and give them an unforgettable experience – tour of Auto Museum Belgrade.
The children from Zvecanska street were delighted to see old timers exposed in the museum, Mercedes being the one which drew the most attention. Toy cars of the German car manufacturer were the most impressive part of the gifts which were given to the children by NBG Leasing representatives after the tour.
And while the little kids were playing with yet another gift – Mercedes McLaren remote control cars, representatives of NBG Leasing addressed the assembled guests and highlighted the importance of providing the support to the children. Besides candy and toys which brought enormous joy to the children, NBG Leasing also donated the package of 260 diapers which are very much needed for the adequate protection of the youngest kids in the Center.

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Youth to business forum

On December 11th the representatives of NBG Leasing held a lecture within the Youth to business forum which was organized by AISEC in Belgrade. The subject of the lecture was “Efficient communication”. It presented skills of business communication in an interesting and practical way to young students.
Participants were very satisfied, not only because of what they learned about communication, but also because they were shown the way one leasing company functioned in practice. NBG Leasing will also try to be very closely involved in providing the youth with additional education in the future.

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Humanitarian action for people in flooded areas continues

NBG Leasing will continue providing care and assistance to the people in flood-affected areas.
Our employees started an initiative of collecting and delivering, once a week, aid to collective centers and other priority locations in accordance with the situation on the field.
We will be engaged whenever it is needed, along with people from affected areas and humanitarian aid will continue for as long as it is necessary.

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NBG Leasing donated a million dinars to the people in flood-affected areas

Floods caused by heavy rain swept Serbia. Ten thousands of people were evacuated, and the Serbian government declared the state of emergency in the country.
It was our human and moral obligation and a desire to help affected population as soon as possible. That is why, on May 19th NBG Leasing donated one million dinars to the account of the Serbian Red Cross to help the people in flood-affected areas. Vojvođanska Banka delivered two trucks of food, hygiene products and baby equipment to Collection centers in New Belgrade. More than 1700 employees of NBG Group in Serbia are actively involved in the campaign.
We are of the opinion that humanity and empathy at this time is necessity, and we want to invite all our partners to join us in this initiative and help these people in need as much as they can.
NBG Leasing sympathizes with residents in areas affected by floods, and will continue monitoring and helping the affected citizens as well as its customers in these areas.

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