NBG Leasing, the Company that supported the purchase of hundred new baby incubators within a humanitarian campaign entitled “Battle for Babies”, was awarded the “Medal of the Hero Company” at the ceremony held at the Central Hall of National Assembly House of the Republic of Serbia on 17th November, 2011.
Once again, the Company confirmed the motto “It is possible because we believe” and joined the battle lines of contributors assisting the babies in winning a decisive battle.
“We provided money by reallocating the funds intended for the purchase of New Year gifts to our business partners; in this way, we helped our youngest and the most vulnerable fellow citizens”, said Ms. Silvana Trickovic, the Director of NBG Lizing and added that “the fact that, as the consequence of outdated incubators in Serbia, the death rate of the babies weighing 1000 gr exceeds 65%, cannot leave anybody indifferent. It is a high time all socially-responsible companies supported those waiting for the much needed help.
So far, B92 campaign “Battle for the Babies” have raised the funds for the purchase of more than 160 modern incubators thus satisfying three-quarters of the needs of a health care system. Over 80 companies, 500 individuals and about 170 small enterprises, kindergartens, schools, stores, associations of citizens, faculties and sport clubs donated funds for the campaign. Incubators are to be placed in 40 health institutions all over Serbia.