Drop-in Center, whose activities are sponsored by the Youth Integration Center, has celebrated the fifth anniversary. On this occasion, the representatives of NBG Company donated funds for the education and on training of three protégés of the Drop-in Center. Youth can choose among thirty different vocations. The goal of NBG-launched initiative is to help children and facilitate their integration into community by increasing their chances for employment. Once they have undergone the training program and completed the professional practice, they will receive internationally recognized certificates.
On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the Drop-in Center, the children and youth presented their original audiovisual works of art, showing how much they have grown over the five years, what were they doing, what they were thinking and how they were creating. The motto of the anniversary celebration was “The Fifth Anniversary – Through the Eye of the Camera and Recorded Audio Material” (“Oko i glas za peticu”).
“We have achieved a great success over the past years. I am proud to say that NBG Leasing staff has been supporting the Drop-in Center for two years now and will certainly continue to do so. We have provided funds and pointed to the significance of investing in education of these children. All protégés should acquire qualifications and be included as active members into community life”, said Ms. Silvana Trickovic, President of the Executive Board of NBG Leasing.
Drop-in Center was the Project of the Center for Youth Integration launched in 2007; today, it is defined as the service provided within the system of welfare. Since it was founded, the Drop-in Center has registered over 500 beneficiaries and there are 150 children and youth who come to the Center on daily basis. Among them, 128 children have school report cards; 130 children have been issued health insurance cards. As much as 40 percent of the children and youth that come to the Drop-in Center on regular basis have either permanently quit or rarely practice street-involved activities.