The representatives of NBG Leasing d.o.o. attended the Annual Meeting of “Lease Europe” held in Vienna, Austria on 29th and 30th September 2011.
„Lease Europe” is the association of European leasing companies that brings together about 2000 companies employing more than 70 000 persons. Leasing industry represents an exceptionally important support to overall European investments. There were more than EUR 250 billion worth investments in the course of 2010 supported by the leasing companies of Europe. The Lease Europe Meeting, eminent annual gathering of European and non-European leasing companies the purpose of which is to offer a single platform to the key players in leasing industry, brought together more than four hundred participants.
The Meeting was a good opportunity for experts and professionals from all over Europe to exchange their experience and opinion about the current situation and the future of leasing industry during the two-day lectures and panel discussions. Speaking about the trends in leasing industry, the automobiles in particular, Ms. Silvana Trickovic, director of NBG Leasing said that “the latest researches show that the people’s needs for cars are changing. The fact that average age of vehicles and equipment in Serbia is measured in dozens of years sends a clear message about the market potential. We should consider creating a completely new product, the symbiosis of offers of leasing companies, insurance companies and car suppliers. Such an approach to daily business challenges is a recipe for a better positioning of both vehicles and financing services.”