NBG Leasing started this New Year’s holiday season in a best possible way – by giving. The leasing company decided to visit little kids from the Center for the protection of infants, children and youth in Zvecanska Street and give them an unforgettable experience – tour of Auto Museum Belgrade.
The children from Zvecanska street were delighted to see old timers exposed in the museum, Mercedes being the one which drew the most attention. Toy cars of the German car manufacturer were the most impressive part of the gifts which were given to the children by NBG Leasing representatives after the tour.
And while the little kids were playing with yet another gift – Mercedes McLaren remote control cars, representatives of NBG Leasing addressed the assembled guests and highlighted the importance of providing the support to the children. Besides candy and toys which brought enormous joy to the children, NBG Leasing also donated the package of 260 diapers which are very much needed for the adequate protection of the youngest kids in the Center.