Another successful year is behind NBG Leasing. Our company managed to cover even larger market share in 2014, with the growth in profitability, which is the confirmation of a correct business estimation about which economic sectors hold most perspective during the crisis.
We have profiled as a leader in agricultural equipment field in the last year because of the largest individual growth. Great success was followed by market share of 22%. NBG Leasing managed to grow in the trucks sector as well, and ended 2014 with about 10% market share in Serbia. We are among top five companies with market share of nearly 10% on a very attractive leasing market of new and used vehicles.
NBG Leasing undoubtedly achieved great business results in the last year and we are convinced that we know what lies behind our success. Adaptation to demands of market in crisis as a characteristic of business flexibility is the most significant reason, along with continuous innovation of leasing products and services. Of course, logistics support is also important to our customers, starting with insurance, registration of vehicles, but also maintaining and strengthening connections with reliable and suppliers and manufacturers