What is financial leasing?

Financial leasing is a way of financing movable assets which the Lessee chooses before concluding the Lease Agreement. It is a type of credit arrangement involving three parties: Lessee, Lessor and Supplier.
Lessor is the owner of a subject of lease until the expiry of the contract.
Lessee uses the subject of the lease during the contract period and becomes the owner upon payment of the final instalment. During the Lease Agreement the Supplier is responsible to Lessee for installation of the subject of lease, maintenance and repair during warranty period. In case of non-payment of instalment, OTP Leasing has the right to deprive the Lessee of the subject of lease and sell it or re-lease it to the third party.

Why should I lease the equipment?

By leasing the equipment, you can invest the funds intended for purchase of equipment in other matter, while the leasing instalment is paid on monthly basis, through work and operation of equipment itself.
The Lessee is the Economic owner of the subject of lease (the Lessee has the right to show the depreciation in its balance sheet). It is an easy way to purchase new equipment and start a new business…

Who are the users of financial leasing?

OTP Leasing is financing individuals, legal entities and entrepreneurs.

Is it possible to finance real estate through financial leasing?

In accordance with the Law on Financial Leasing, it is allowed to finance non-consumable movable assets and real estate.

What are the advantages of financial leasing over credit arrangement?

Financial leasing is a link between OTP Leasing, Lessee and Supplier. Unlike credit, financial leasing can only be used for financing non-consumable movable assets.
The procedure of leasing approval is much simpler and faster than credit approval.

Is financial leasing in Serbia regulated by the Law?

Yes, financial leasing is regulated by the Financial Leasing Law, which provides an additional element of security for portfolio of leasing companies, as well as for the lessee. Serbia is one of the few countries in the region with financial leasing being legally regulated by the law.

What does the speed of financial leasing realization depend on?

First of all, it depends on documentation provided by the client. If provided documentation is in accordance with OTP Leasing requirements, procedure will be completed within 48 hours.

How is the creditworthiness of the Lessee evaluated?

The creditworthiness of a potential lessee is estimated by the sector of credit analysis of OTP leasing. The analysis is based on the financial indicators of a potential lessee. The point is to determine whether the potential lessee will be able to pay the instalment from operating activities.

How is the subject of lease insured?

Each subject of lease must be insured in an appropriate manner. For vehicles, in addition to obligatory auto insurance, the fully comprehensive insurance is also mandatory. The insurance policy is entitled to the lessor.

What can be the subject of lease and where can the subject of lease be selected?

OTP Leasing is financing moveable assets including new and used cars and vans, equipment for companies, hotels, restaurants, private clinics, agriculture, etc.
The lessee selects the subject of lease directly from a manufacturer or seller, and OTP Leasing is not responsible for any imperfections.