As in the last couple of years, the representatives of NBG Leasing have visited Day Care Center for children in New Belgrade, where they have spent time with kids and presented a food donation to managers of the Center. The most beautiful part of the visit was a moment when little kids decided to give their drawings to the guests, as a sign of gratefulness for the attention.
President of the Managing Board of our company, Silvana Trickovic, has explained the motives behind this action:

– Once again, our Company’s employees have gathered funds to purchase the food packages necessary for day-to-day functioning of the Day Care Center for children in New Belgrade. We believe everyone should help the most endangered members of our society, as much as they can. In this case, we are helping little kids who are in a really difficult situation and trying to make their childhood better and easier. Being humane is not about campaign. It is the part of business culture which can serve as an excellent example of socially-responsible operation – Silvana Trickovic pointed out.

Day Care Center for children in New Belgrade is a home to several dozens of little kids who come there on daily bases to play, study, have a warm meal and get away from the streets. Since the Center “lives” on donations, the representatives of NBG Leasing have urged other companies to become more actively involved in supporting this also other organizations which directly help endangered children.